The best visionary of the world: Santi Molezun.biografia. Read this to know!.Personally attends without cabinets or equipment, or anything nada.No has lines 806, just a normal phone.

Santi Molezún. The best visionary of the world.
Santi Molezún. The best visionary of the world.
Once call Mobile phone 693.35.35.35 will speak with him. But can assist you at the same time will give appointment to assist the Secretary as soon as possible. No gimmicks, It is a sincere and direct contact with the best seer of the world.
No premium rate 806, which is charged per minute, Here you are paid by bank transfer, or credit card or debit card. But wants to provide the card details to an unknown, You can request payment via email, where we will send you a link to our bank (ABANCA) to make payment directly and anonymously with the Bank, without going through a third party payment data, this payment option is called “secure payment”. You can also pay with service PayPal has in this Web. Santi Molezún personally attends all calls, no equipment or office like other tarots to serve. Only is it on the line and his secretary, nothing more, There is no trick, you can always speak directly to the best psychic. You can make an appointment if find occupied, you can ask quotes his secretary 09:00 am to 21:00 from Monday to Friday, or the Saturday 09:00 am to 15:00 (Spanish schedule). Request a consultation with Mr. Molezún and will guarantee a good reading of letters by a person wearing 38 reading them years. Santi Molezún is gifted and visionary since childhood. And images of his life without you tell it only to hear his voice. You've never seen anything like it,nothing to do with other tarot services only hypothesize and then all they do is divert your calls to Cabinets. Santi is born Galicia, the only seer who does not ask questions, and that the client leaves not talk about his private life. Now it is available with just one phone call to a mobile. Do not think twice, call to the 693.35.35.35. and communicate, Repeat last half hour appointment call or ask Whatsapp.
If any Tarot reader or Seer attends than he or his secretary, please inform immediately by Whatsapp, and investigate what happened. If someone sends some sms mobile text or whatsapp offering to call a 806 or a separate line, do not mind it, Many people want the thousands of customers who have Santi Molezún, and they try to steal and serve them without his finds, with lousy taste and a complete ineptitude. More than once they have tried with cheaper prices, to hook and pique the trick, but these people ARE NOT BLIND, Very careful and not Santi and his team Molezún, He has EQUIPMENT. It is easy to tell them apart, they only ask questions, to elicit information to the consultant and do not succeed in anything, just tell you what you want to hear.
Santi Molezún, Seer is he better world, and IT IS NOT CHEAP, It is effective, It is operative, he is professional, so it is expensive, because it is very good and because it takes work and 38 years in the same, personally offering its services to people from all over the world. In fact many people rely on their successes. Do not be cheat for sms you get to call other numbers, there is only an official number: 693.35.35.35 and is the number to call, or to use to communicate with Santi Molezún by Whatsapp. Eye: It does consultations for this method of Whatsapp, This form of communication is only to speak and ask quote or information that you have reached an advertising sms from someone impersonating him or his team.


The best visionary of the world, baby. Already you could see in his eyes that he was an indigo child, a being gifted with a spiritual advancement, ethical and mental significantly high, karmically ready universal twinning rooted in reason of the age of Aquarius. The wizard of the XXI Century.

Tarot Seer world best
Santi Molezún of baby

Santi baby Molezún, was born the 28 July of 1970, to the 13:14 noon in the city of Santiago of Compostela.A Coruña. Galicia. He was born with 4 kilos and a half.

Santi Molezún of small shows us their fish

Santi Molezún at home teeny. Santi loved to fish and animals from a child. at the time his father brought the boom of tropical fish to Galicia , which was an expert. At home they had 2 Aquariums of 250 Santi liters and always watched mesmerized for hours.

Santi Molezún in 1976

Santi Molezún 1976, everyone who looked at him in the eyes was left ecstatic, He was able to know all of the person who had front.

Extensive experience in esotericism

The most expensive seer Spain

Dedicated to the same from ago 38 actual year, experience that makes the difference. (Documented in the media path, that is easily accessible on the internet)

Tarotista experienced. A lifetime dedicated to tarot and clairvoyance

Santi Molezún 38 years of real world experience behind them. With a lot fans from around the world, It manages to become the best visionary of the world. It is the Seer who is more correct.

His fame began already for more than 31 years when a journalist Ana Iglesias, his hometown: Santiago de Compostela, discovered you the press in an interview with the title "El Brujo more young of Spain". Since that interview they have been going on endlessly one after another, first with local, later regional, out repeatedly in all Galician newspapers and TV Galicia for years (There are more interviews of 3 for example in "El Correo Gallego" and pages to a complete back cover in "La Voz de Galicia" in the newspaper of the day 2 January, the first newspaper of the year and one of the most read).

Santi is interviewed in almost all Spanish State media both written as television, as well as in many programs of radio of the Prime.

Santi Molezún fame began to grow as the foam, controversial in its replies, truthful in his speech, its originality it is noted in all their statements, becoming a monster media and across the frontiers, Santi is interviewed by many international media. As the best tarotista there in Spain.

Interview with Santi Molezún, considered the best visionary of the world.

Interview with Santi Molezún, considered the best visionary of the world.

Recognized professional

Successes and Seriousness

Such well-known magazines as: "Cosmopolitan" or "Elle" talk about it in various articles, the impressive creation in 1993 a new so-called special fashion: "Universal fashion", where has Santi Molezún come to create exclusive designs well known characters of the media, art and important women in business, culture and international politics. He invents a fashion based on the chromatic magic and the study of shapes and colours to dress up each individual, It is defined "as with a second skin for everyone" , with the aim of achieving change your life in a particular aspect or achieve a particular purpose. A buzzword that until then no one had used.
Santi Molezún designing some magical dresses, boutique-finished, which they made headlines in various media since its inception, from Radio 5 "All news" "cadena"Ser", multitude of newspapers or magazines also echoed, like for example: "País de las Tentaciones"( Newspaper El País) ,"Vanities","Cosmopolitan" or "Elle", while Santi and his team (Eugenia Green, Elena Gonzalez May, Venezuelan sisters Coromoto, Belen Míguez) they became news to design some dresses very important and leading figures on the international scene.
Throughout his career, he collaborated with many Spanish such as radio stations: "Ser","antenna 3 Radio", "Radio voice", "The Cope", "80 FM", "Radio Workshop,"Radio Gallega" and many others, where he learned to communicate.
In December of 1996 He created the first Tarot based on the sexual tendencies of each person, as heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian, to differentiate their predictions and more concrete explanations when interpreting them. Product promoted in the "Frontline" magazine, Publishing House "Group Zeta" for a year.
He drew up the horoscope of the Spanish magazine called: "Trends" which was a fun way to get different advice magical things and predicted month horoscope every sign of fun, piquant and ironic, with an original style, inimitable and unique.
He studied image and sound at the school "CEV" (year 1990), He edited and directed several TV commercials for different companies and all their own ads to the current date.

Santi Molezún with 20 years

Santi to Molezún 20 years (1990) studied Image and Sound. taking “Outstanding”, the best note of the school. Now edit, montà, It presents and directs tarot themed programs for television in Spain, with extensive experience and media results.

In 1990 He made a short 20 entitled minutes: "In a corner of the soul" based on the song sung by the Argentinean who lives in Spain: Alberto Cortez, that is a story of unrequited love and passion as the song indicates. This film is entirely edited and directed by Santi Molezún (see youtube search word: molezún)

He currently works on the Internet and over the phone. Since the year 2005 query by video camera for 3G mobile phone, being the first guess has a portal with this technology in Spain and one of the first in Spain to have premium rate lines: 806 (of that: 903)

In the year 2004 He has participated in the reality TV: "The Castle of the great minds" for Antena 3 TV, where lived a funny television experience of TV reality inside a castle, 45 days, with others 10 Famous professionals from other countries. Where they would have to prove his powers to the audience, who each week voting from home, to expel one of the contestants. Santi Molezún managed to be among the 3 finalists. Rescued by the public 2 sometimes being expelled. Directed by Tinet Rubira (Director of the first “Triumph operation” that was in Spain or “Martian Chronicles” in Portugal), produced by producer Gest important Catalan Music Endemol, This program pioneered television shows to spotlight the best-known seers and observe the truthfulness of what they presumed. Senovilla was presented by Alicia summaries audience programs such as Ana Rosa Quintana, etc. For more information search Wikipedia: “Castle Prodigious Minds”

You are looking for answers with tarot?

Tarot sincere soul

Santi Molezún is Royal tarotista, many are those who imitate him. They copy things from your website and try them to endorse, but Santi Molezún is authentic and is not possible to imitate. Looking 87 tarot decks worldwide.

Santi is now a well known and respected figure within the world of world esotericism, 38 years attending and providing services to a public in need of their skills and advice.
Specialist in Tarot read the future through the 22 major arcana and the 56 minor's 87 different worldwide tarot cards. Expert predict oracles with all kinds of peculiar barajas: “… Dali tarot, tarot for cats, Aleister Crowley's, the esoteric tarot, Celtic tarot, Galician tarot ... "
Contemplated by the 78 films the world and advises in a rough and sincere manner with the truth of who really knows the symbolism of sacred letters as if he had invented them. Not in vain it is considered one of the best psiquicos-videntes in the world and he is hailed in the media as the best Tarot reader of our times.

Santi Molezún

Santi Molezún, Wicca magician, considered the best in the world seer reads the future with different types of mancias. Real Care and Personal Best tarotista and expert Wiccan. It is not a product of marketing, It is genuine, authentic, Santi Molezún guess all without any kind of questions your customers.

Tarot Service Worldwide

Santi Molezún has become a monster of divination and called hundreds of people from all continents of the world.
He says that "... The tarot is a language, the cards speak and contemplate the past, present and future in a plane that is placed on the table...".
It is not easy to interpret them and join those meanings to give a coherent response that fits with the life of the caller without any track, Santi makes it from the 11 years, as if in a child "Merlín" is, that Galician wunderkind of tarot now has 46 years and has become a controversial character by his way of being and its statements on all TVs.
Santi says Molezún: “… My advice in private are heard from the Xunta de Galicia to the Andalusian, from the audiencia nacional to ministries and municipalities. From the dome of the Italian mafia to the most powerful of the United Arab Emirates. From the Royal houses to the taboo Japanese houses of prostitution, I care a damn power having, only people for me are ... I am from Santiago de Compostela and was not born here by chance, the energy of this magical city runs through my veins and as to her, I do come to watch pilgrims from all over the world looking for some inner light ".
All show respect, friendship and loyalty to their strengths, Santi Molezún has managed to win their confidence without ceasing to be controversial. His look is through the eyes of those in front of him and get read your soul just by looking, listen to your voice or touch his hand.
With his first interview on the voice of Galicia when he was just 11 Surrounded years the astonishment of the people who proclaimed a prodigious mind of a child with powers, He jumped into the fray with headlines like:"Merlin and Álvaro Cunqueiro family", "The Coco Chanel of witchcraft","The youngest wizard of Spain"”The Wizard Wicca revelde”, that they have convertiendo Santi Molezún in a whole standard of divination XXI century.

Santi Molezún

Santi Molezún is Meigo Gallego with more hits, born in Santiago de Compostela.

Modernity, sincerity, character and wit surround everything he says and does and manages to Excel in a sector branded 'lying and fraudulent', as one of the most clear and honest psychic.
Her honesty has always caused problems. Nemesis "circus" as Aramis Fuster has tried to attack him on numerous occasions when Santi Molezún has accused of "fraud and editor ... ..." , for example in the program: "Aquí hay tomate" in Tele 5, (Mediaset group). Always in the mouth of those who are injured, It has also been highly criticized by some sectors of the more conservative Catholic Church, threatened and persecuted by the side more end of Opus Dei, effect of statements about them and the Church Santi Molezún has made hard by TV, where it considers it as: ".. .the more lying and manipulative harmful sect in the world...".


The best visionary of the world

Learn more about Santi Molezún

Who was going to tell which is a grandson of one of the richest men in Cuba, great-grandson of the prestigious composer and former Mayor of A Coruña: Canuto Berea, founder of the factory "Sargadelos", nephew of Ramón Molezún famous architect of the 20th century, son of Carlos Molezún coronel of the army and former head of the national police of Santiago de Compostela..., a black sheep showing continuity in this family of Galician illustrious men.
Loved and known for a gay audience, Santi defends her sexual freedom from out of the closet already from the age of 80, artist devoted worldwide "drag queen" mounted in the year 2000 a group of 5 drags who I call "Las Queempostelas" and who jumped to fame by the magazine "Man" and acted on all the televisions in Spain, from the public television of Galicia to antenna 3 TV or TV 5, where Santi plays the sympathetic role of "Elvira Galactic".
Forerunner of premium rate phone lines 806 in Spain in the year 1993 to effect on antenna 3 Television two announcements, in which one said thus: "If you are a boy or girl, Drag Queen or Maruja, reinona or trucking, or the March of the tarot is going... call me!”. Santi got to have in the year 1994 nothing less than 1600 lines on the market, when hardly anyone even knew this system premium rate.
Different business entrepreneur, esoteric shops ( "Tendas apologize") the world of sex with companies such as: "", He has publicized his own extremely controversial ads, some widely criticized by various political and religious sectors of Galicia (2006).
Santi Molezún does not cease to surprise us, leaving now coming soon to the market its first book, that it can already be read throughout the world via the Internet: "Diary of a witch" (see below), where Santi talks about his life and write a diary completely sincere. The best way to know. And with a new facet: “Music”. From Santi Molezún recently composed electronic music themes, As if by magic. It has released 4 discs in just two months, what andcan be heard in a completely free Soundcloud, as presentación.Donde platform unleashes your imagination and creativity in most volcanic state as a way of externalizing their rich inner world and feelings. Santi explains: “I do not consider myself a musician, I'm just browsing, self-taught and without prior knowledge, a new facet in my life that enriches me, it fills me, and it helps me communicate with other people in a very difficult time existential, Music helps me to release everything I have inside, como self-treatment.”

If you want to know more about it click on this ENLACe:

Since its Official Website:, You can discover more about his life and work, where out naked under the advertising slogan: "I do not have anything to hide"That for some years now accompanies its unique marketing campaign.
It mutates and varies its projection as referred to, getting become a genius of divination of our time and an unusual character, an artist with all that means the word, that, definitely, worth knowing.

Retrato de Santi Molezún

Santi Molezún the best visionary in the world of portrait. Expert in tarot.

If you are interested to learn more of Santi Molezún and about his life, has a menu on the left, to be able to know more about their work closer and read articles written by him, explaining everything he does, Likewise, You may also want you to follow him on social networks like Twitter or Facebook (search for Santi Molezún), or perhaps see interesting to read your book, a written personal diary everyday, where Santi has all your most intimate life, to do this click on the following free link:


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  46. I left my husband ago 6 years, and it was plunged into a huge depression, until I met Santi and I called, He told me I had to do and I was going. Everything happened as predicted and I believed this is not normal, It is paranormal but it is true and what it tells you just pasándote. Before he had gone to a lady of my people here reading the tarot but gave no and told me things that had nothing to do with me. I was very disappointed with this lady and sometimes read about these topics because I liked but did not think much about my bad experience. Until I met Santi Molezum. I recommend it to all and to todos.Es very good seer and a great person

  47. I understand that reading tarot with Santi Molezún is expensive because it is the best seer of the world. I been successful in everything, without speaking of nothing. I would like to know if I could meet him in person and if lectures?, I would much rather attend a

  48. I have consulted with the seer Santi Molezún and I hallucinated, its successes are enormous and has given me the spot. Before, looking for someone good online I have put the best seer of the world and I got an aunt who is a pure scam imitated all Santi Molezún!, Until you copy text very cretin!, that God unimaginative! and how much envy!, also before I called you here to test and attend a Cabinet that does not give a, care is a scam to steal customers Santi Molezún with the slogan of the best seer, much eye because their opinions are false and note that is itself which writes making fake profiles on facebook. Sorry, but Santi Molezún there is only one and is inimitable and unrepeatable. That's why it is so good and so expensive. Congratulations Santi for all your 38 years of work and to get every day surprise those who call you, thanks for being there siempre.Te I believe a lot, as if you were someone from my own family, heartfelt thanks and thanks for your seriousness.

  49. My experience has been very positive. Consultation is very professional and accurate. He has earned my loyalty as a customer. Thank you.

  50. When I called not believe in anything, I now believe completely in Santi, It is not a very nice person, I found very edge. But as a seer can not be successful without I tell him anything more in my life that really catches my attention, I have a university degree, I was as a person with culture and I was ashamed to call these sites, but I was struck by his eyes and his biography. Then prices!. When I called did not know I was going to find, I am a clinical psychologist and do not believe in paranormal effects. Santi has opened a new mental universe in my, perhaps you should rethink many obsolete ideas. Heartfelt thanks for this great experience.

  51. I called Santi twice last year,He told me things about my past,present and has been successful in todo.He separated from my former state time and told me to come back and love between us will be increasingly more fuerte.Volvi with my ex and love between Nostros is stronger every vez.ERES A CRAK SANTI !!It needs to be met other things but I fully trust you that things are going to happen as you have said tu.LO RECOMMEND THE HEART TO ALL YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP AN HONEST AND STRONG CERTERO.UN EMBRACE.

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